Frame Drag Trio -Performing at Victoria’s Wonderment Festival August 2, 2020 at 7-10 pm PST

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Frame Drag Trio is Ross Birdwise, Joe Rzemieniak and Soressa Gardner

Frame Drag Trio, formed in 2013, is the brainchild of Ross Birdwise. He re-cuts composed material from his solo projects (including the album Frame Drag) into manageable slices for improvisation with Soressa Gardner (laptop and manipulated vocals) and Joe Rzemieniak (cornet with effects pedals). Birdwise’s art practice involves sounds, images and things in-between. Temporality is an ongoing theme, often involving grids (regular and irregular), pulsed and free time, noise, drones, melodic material that ranges between static, meandering and narrative and directional, the use of voice (including so called “extended techniques”), sounds of indefinite origin with ambiguous properties, the interplay between meticulous and process-based working methods and more intuitive approaches to composing or arranging materials, and the use of relatively “free” improvisation. This improvisational zone is where the trio lives, and evolves composed material into a live experience.

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