Music For Dancers

CoexisDance: Western Edition #2
December 19, 2019.

Third Act: Sound artists Ross Birdwise and Soressa Gardner with dancer Sophie Brassard.
Dance and music meet on stage in CoexisDance, curated by Olivia C. Davies, Artistic Director of O.Dela Arts. Dance artists and musicians share short improvised works in an intimate evening of live performances, culminating in a group jam.

CoexisDance 2019 Ross Birdwise Soressa Gardner & Sophie Brassard from Soressa Gardner on Vimeo.

Following into Lead:

In the spring of 2014, Lisa Butel and I collaborated to compose original music for choreographers Julie Lebel and Miriam Colvin and their group of Community Dancers at the Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver, BC.

Following into Lead from Julie Lebel on Vimeo.

The music tracks for the above Follow into Lead Performance: